Who We Are



The Pasadena Area Gun Buy Back committee is a partnership stemming from multiple efforts.


First, the Palm Sunday Peace Parade coalition started expanding from its annual peace march.  It imagined to bring more people to support, ponder, and act for peace and justice.  So the expansion was to include a Youth Video Contest and a Peace Concert, the Saturday before Palm Sunday.  The theme was “Beating Swords into Plowshares” (Isaiah 2:4), and so the coalition wondered if a Gun Buy Back was possible in Pasadena.  Those wonderings quickly became steps of action.


Other churches, like All Saints, and the Clergy Community Coalition (CCC) were actively working for non-violence initiatives, and joined the effort.  Organizations, such as Day One and Ambassadors for Peace, who have been working in the community for years, also joined the effort.


This effort would not be possible without the support and partnership of the City Council (in particular the Public Safety Committee), the Pasadena Police Department, and the Flintridge Center.


Our Purpose:

The Pasadena Area Gun Buyback Committee formed to plan and produce a gun buyback

event for the Pasadena area, with the purpose of tangibly demonstrating “Beating Swords into

Plowshares” (Is. 2:4).


The purposes of the Gun Buy Back event are the following:

· To remove guns from the community so that they are not the means for accidental or intentional shootings

· To send a strong message of peace to the entire community, especially our young people, that we will not stand for gun violence

· To foster relationships between organizations that are actively engaged in peace and non-violence initiatives

· To promote and be inspired by efforts of churches, faith community and nonprofit organizations working toward nonviolence and peace

· To transform the guns that are surrendered into something beautiful, representing our unity to end gun violence



Pasadena Area Gun Buy Back Committee and supporters:


Juliana Serrano (Chair of the Committee & All Saints Church’s Director, Office for Creative Connections)

Boualem Bousseloub (Author, The Mysterious Kingdom of the Arroyo)

Daniel Carrillo (All Saints Church’s Gun Violence Prevention Task Force)


Randy Christopher (Peace & Justice Academy)

Rev Matthew Colwell (Knox Presbyterian)

Dr. Melissa Hofstetter (2013 Co-Chair)

Kimberly Medendorp (Peace & Justice Academy)

Yvette McDowell (Ambassadors for Peace, Community Intervention Organization)

Bert Newton (Palm Sunday Peace Parade)

Dr. Jill Shook (2013 Co-Chair)

Mike Veerman (Knox Presbyterian)