With the theme of “Beating Swords into Plowshares” (Isaiah 2:4) from the Palm Sunday Peace Parade, we are also melting the guns from the Gun Buy Back into a metal sculpture. 


We have a different web site, Sculpture for Peace, dedicated to this art project.  There you will find more details one what we are doing, and who are partners are.


We know one thing for sure: our artist is sculptor Chris Slatoff.  He is a very distinguished artist, has been in the Pasadena area for a long time, and very much behind the mission of the Gun Buy Back to help stop gun violence.  To give you a taste of Chris' work, we include a video below of his sculpture, Fr. Electrico, which was inspired by author Ray Bradbury's "Illustrated Man".


Assistant sculptor is Christopher Stewart, who has a background in mechanical engineering at USC, industrial design at Pasadena Art Center, and 5 years of fine art sculpture with Chris Slatoff.



Example of Chris Slatoff’s work: